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Commercial Rotary Screw Compressor in Sydney

Considerations for Purchasing a High-Value Commercial Rotary Screw Compressor in Sydney

Your commercial business may require high volumes of compressed air for providing power to pneumatic equipment in your factory. However, you may be using 50% - 60% duty cycle piston air compressor to run this equipment. Electric rotary screw air compressors are 100% duty cycle machines and are far more efficient in producing the quivalent or higher volumes of air. Rotary screw compressors are quieter, more efficient, more reliable and boast a greater compressed air output per HP size, making them more consistent and convenient for operators.

Buying a commercial rotary screw compressor in Sydney is easy when you go to an experienced supplier such as Pneutech Group - Australia. Pneutech Group - Australia has been providing state of the art compressed air equipment to the Australian market with over 40 years combined experience and has offered exemplary post-purchase support to every client. Our innovative designs, connections to premium-quality manufacturers, competitive and best value for money and concern for the environmental impact of our products have all contributed to the final state of our reliable and quality industrial air compressors. We offer both portable diesel and electric screw compressors to provide support for professionals in many different areas.

Learn more about how purchasing a commercial rotary screw compressor in Sydney from Pneutech Group - Australia can improve your practices. Contact us at your first available opportunity to discuss the specifications and requirements of your work with one of our sales engineers or technicall staff. We would love to opportunity to answer any questions you may have to ensure you can make the most beneficial choice and start using premium quality compressed air equipment in your facilities.