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Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer in Sydney

Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer in Sydney Removes Moisture to Protect Your Equipment and Product’s Quality

Atmospheric air contains moisture which enters the system when the air is compressed, and if the moisture is not removed it will inevitably damage your pneumatic equipment, valves, and motors and it can diminish the quality of your product. Removing moisture with a refrigerated compressed air dryer in Sydney prevents excess downtime due to maintenance issues and increases your product standards by ensuring the high-quality of air running through your system.

A refrigerated compressed air dryer will cool the compressed air from its heated form and through this cooling, transform the moisture from its vapour form to liquid form. This is then collected in a trap in the dryers internal system and expelled out a tube into an external catchment.

Our refrigerated compressed air dryers are manufactured in Italy to be energy efficient and have high environmental standards. Pneutech Group – Australia covers the dryer with a 5 year warranty when a pre filter is present. If you have any questions about your compressed air system contact Pneutech Group-Australia and we will be happy to discuss the dryer that will best suit your needs.