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Recent Projects

Repair Workshop in Smeaton Grange NSW

Supply and install of a Complete compressed air System For a new repair Workshop in Smeaton Grange, NSW. This consisted of a 22kw Rotary Screw Compressor, With Refrigerated Dryer, Inline Filtration and a Vertical Air Receiver..

The Compressed Air Piping Main was from 50mm Poly Maxair and reduced to 25mm for all outlets. All workstations and Spray Booths that required compressed air that were not beside the factory perimeter were fed from the roof height with feed lines to each bench or booth therefore leaving the floorspace completely free of pipes and hoses minimizing the risk of a trip hazard and keeping all Passage ways full height clearance.

Timber and Joinery Shop in Canberra, ACT.

Supply and installation of a rotary screw compressor package to a timber and joinery shop in Canberra, ACT.

The company was looking on the wide market for a new rotary screw compressor that would keep up with the machinery in the warehouse, and would have genuine back up and warranty.

The installation included a 15 HP rotary screw compressor, mounted on a 500 litre tank. A refrigerated dryer, which was mounted on the wall so it would free up some floor space around the machine. Pre and post air filters were included in the airline to remove any condensation that found its way into the airline. Plumbing was 25mm poly pipe that was installed in one day, this allowed minimum amount of downtime. The air pipe was supplied to the 2 CNC machines and 3 air hose reels.

Precast Concrete Facility in Melton, West of Melbourne

This installation was required as the existing compressors on site were insufficient running together. This one compressor (100hp) Operates the entire plant eliminating running multiple compressors. This system included a refrigerated drye+r with pre and post filtration and a new larger vertical Air Receiver. The equipment is plumbed together using stainless steel compressed air piping.

Marble & Granite Stone Fabrication Workshop - Cheltenham

Supply and installation of a new rotary screw compressor package for a marble and granite Stone Fabrication workshop in Cheltenham Victoria. This customer had an old Atlas Copco screw compressor that had become undersized and tired due to the company’s growth and addition of new CNC machines and Bridge saw.

The installation included a 22kw Rotary screw compressor, with a refrigerated air dryer to suit, water oil separator (not included in images) and a vertical air receiver. Plumbing was 40mm poly compressed air piping and was done in one full day with Zero Downtime with the transition of the new compressed air system.

Chullora Freight and Parcel Facility

Installation of screw compressor packages at Chullora freight and parcel facility. This Client purchased their first Screw compressor package several years ago to setup their facility, the client then installed a new high precision state of the art conveyer and labelling system to increase their capacity and maximise efficiency of their parcel and carton handling.

The new Production line then needed a larger capacity of compressed air to operate gate valves, Pneumatic Rams and Levers. The client wanted to utilise their existing compressor for the install so Pneutech installed a large Vertical Air receiver with a new integrated screw compressor package with dryer to meet the specifications of the conveyer manufacturer. This system was also connected using Europress Stainless steel compressed air piping. The system is now in full operation with 2 shifts / day working to full satisfaction.

Structural Steel and Metal Fabrication Workshop - Riverstone

This installation was for a structural Steel and metal fabrication workshop. This client also uses their compressed air for intermittent sand blasting and a beamline processing machine. Located in Riverstone, Western Sydney, this installation consisted of two x 22kw Rotary screw compressors, a refrigerated air dryer to suit with inline filtration and a vertical air receiver. These compressors work in sequence with a lead lag system. Installation was connected using Europress stainless steel piping.

Kitchen Manufacturer, Sydney

Pneutech recently completed an installation for a compressed air package in Penrith, Sydney.

The installation was completed efficiently in one day ensuring the customer had minimal downtime in production and met strict deadlines.

This project consisted of a 15hp integrated Rotary Screw Compressor package PN: SB150-50D. This integrated unit consists of the 15hp air compressor together with the built in compressed air dryer, mounted on a 500L tank. The air supply is fitted with Inline Filtration and roughly 50m of 32mm Compressed air piping installed around the roof of the mezzanine.

With this complete package the customers’ requirements of compressed air have been achieved. The filtration level now meets all the filtration level requirements to supply the CNC equipment with Compressed air.

Car Repair Workshop Installation, Ingleburn, Sydney

Pneutech recently installed a 25hp Rotary screw compressor package, complete with refrigerated dryer and compressed air receiver tank, for a Car Repair workshop in Ingleburn, Sydney.

This was done with the Europress stainless steel compressed air piping, giving the customer a great price and over 25 years' peace of mind with no leaks and full backing from the manufacturer.

The savings made for the customer due to the stainless steel piping were immense, considering that the pricing was virtually on par with any aluminium compressed air piping system.

Mining Fabrication Workshop, Minto, Sydney

Pneutech recently completed an installation for a compressed air package in Minto, Sydney.

The installation was completed efficiently in one day ensuring the customer had minimal downtime in production and met strict deadlines..

This project consisted of a 20hp integrated Rotary Screw Compressor package PN: SB200-50D fitted with Inline Filtration and over 100m of 50mm Compressed air piping installed in the new Warehouse roof.

With this complete package the customers’ requirements of compressed air was achieved. The filtration level now meets all the filtration levels to supply the CNC equipment with Compressed air.

Compressor package QLD

This installation consisted of a 30hp Variable Speed Drive Pneutech Compressor with a refrigerated dryer and vertical air receiver to suit. All the equipment was assembled and commissioned in just a few hours using the stainless steel Europress System.

Timber Processing Factory – Sydney

This project consisted of a 30hp Pneutech Rotary screw compressor, assembled with a refrigerated air dryer and air receiver and filtration. The ring main piping was all from 40mm Aluminium compressed air piping.

Timber Furniture Manufacturing Warehouse – Glendenning, Sydney

Installation of 20hp Pneutech rotary Screw Compressor package with refrigerated dryer, inline filtration and complete factory compressed air piping to a new manufacturing facility in Glendenning.

Furniture Manufacturing – Eastern Creek, Sydney

Pneutech were asked to quote for installation for a new manufacturing factory in Eastern Creek. The client asked for the quotation in copper piping, Pneutech provided a solution for the client to supply and install the complete system with Stainless steel piping which was more competitive than other copper piping quotations. The benefits of the piping fitted in stainless steel compared to copper and the price advantage eliminated any other offers. With the Stainless steel 25year guarantee this client has peace of mind and a premium quality compressed air system.

Installed with the system is a new Pneutech SB200-50D 20hp rotary screw compressor with refrigerated air dryer. These machines are backed by a 5 year warranty on major components. The complete system was approximately 250 Lineal Meters of piping and 32 duel outlets. The install was completed and commissioned in just 3 days…

Central Queensland University

This Project required meeting government regulations with compressed air needs for the Central QLD University. This project required 2 x Oil Free Scroll Compressors with Refrigerated air dryer, receiver and High Level In Line Filtration.

Pneutech Worked with a professional Refrigeration company for the installation. All Pipework was custom manufactured and installed in Copper to meet requirements.

Abrasive Manufacturer – Sydney

This Project required an RS-2000-TR rotary screw compressor with a basic pipework fit out.

Pneutech supplied the structural work and installed the pipework with dual outlets.

185cfm Mine Spec Compressors

Pneutech has manufactured many Mine Spec Compressors over the past decade. These are commonly in a 185cfm diesel compressor.

They each have a custom made roll cage, High quality filtration, and many additional safety items to meet mine requirements.

The mine spec is manufactured in-house by Pneutech's own engineers to reduce costs and lead times.

375cfm Offshore Blasting Compressor

Pneutech supplied a 375cfm high pressure base mount diesel compressor to a Northern Queensland company.

This compressor is set up with Instrument quality air for blasting and the running of compressed air tools at remote offshore oil rigs and on marine wharfs.

This compressor has a High to Low pressure setting which is changed by the switch of a knob.

Panel Beating & Tyre workshop – Hornsby, NSW

Pneutech supplied a new compressor and pipework installation using aluminium pipework, on each outlet where a bay is to be located is a 15 meter retractable hose reel mounted to the vertical structural Columns of the factory.

Blasting Factory – Capalaba, QLD

Pneutech Supplied a variable frequency 60hp Screw Compressor with Refrigerated air dryer and Vertical Receiver.

This compressed air installation was used to supply high quality air for a new blasting facility. The compressor, tank and dryer were mounted to an external concrete slab to maximise internal floor space. This was connected together with Aluminium piping and plumbed into the blast room.

Pre and post filtration was also used to maintain instrument quality air without compromising the air flow or pressure.

Kitchen & Cabinet Manufacturer – Tamworth

Pneutech supplied a PRS30-10, 30hp variable speed rotary screw compressor, with a refrigerated dryer and vertical receiver. The pipe work was all connected to the internal ring main using Poly piping.

This is used to provide air to all their air tools and cabinet machinery.

Screw Compressor, Refrigerated Air Dryer and Pipe Installation. Wall manufacturing – Goulburn

This Project consisted of a Pneutech 75kw (100hp) Variable Frequency Drive rotary Screw air compressor and a 500cfm Refrigerated air Dryer. These replaced 3 existing 15kw (20hp) standard rotary screw compressors. Pneutech Fitted the complete pipe work installation connecting two sheds off the one air supply rather than multiple units running. Being a VFD machine Pneutech Technicians Custom set the parameters on site for the New compressor to allow for the greatest efficiency reducing power greater than the three smaller machines that were running the site. Pneutech Plumbed all pipework into the existing Vertical Pressure Vessel and ran 50mm Aluminium Pipe work system connecting both two manufacturing sheds Air Supply.

Pneutech V424cfm

Pneutech V424cfm at 14bar Diesel Trailer Compressor. This Machine was supplied to a company in Geelong VIC for drilling use and sandblasting. It is fitted with an inbuilt Aftercooler System for high quality air. The compressor is mounted to an Australian Custom made Trailer which also allows the compressor to be unbolted and used as a skid mounted compressor if required.

Pneutech Diesel V185cfm

Pneutech Diesel V185cfm with standalone aftercooler system for Soda Blasting in Cairns, QLD

Fulton Hogan – Mulgrave (western Sydney)

Pneutech have for many years supported and delivered to Fulton Hogan a range of compressed air equipment from Refrigerated Air Dryers to Piston and Screw Air Compressors across many of their sites.

When contacted by Mulgrave branch as to a large problem with moisture in their air lines and destroying actuators and valves throughout the plant, Pneutech were able to provide a solution to their needs with one of the SK2000-TR 20hp Integrated Rotary Screw Compressors with an inbuilt dryer.

This Machine was put in place of 3 piston air compressors. The plant now has moisture free compressed air and the receiver has an automatic drain attached to remove the moisture trapped.

This Machine is a lot quieter, efficient to run and better quality air saving further problems within the plant for moisture.