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Compressed Air Pipe Systems

Good compressed air reticulation is the "other half" of an efficient and effective compressed air system. A poorly designed pipe layout can result in pressure losses and contamination leading to unreliable equipment operation. In addition, the compressor may have to work “overtime” to try to compensate for these conditions, resulting excessive energy bills.

Galvanised or black steel pipe and plastic piping systems, although in use in compressed air reticulation systems for many years, may be costing more than is realised in lost pressure and contamination resulting in excessive power bills and higher maintenance costs on both the pipe system and the machines using the compressed air.

Malleable iron and steel pipes both corrode internally, unseen, but continually building up a crust of rust inside the pipe. This leads to restrictions within the pipe and, in turn, a pressure drop in the system.

Plastic pipe is susceptible to expansion and contraction with changes in ambient temperature and, even when bracketed correctly, tends to sag and bow leading to water collection at the low points. Plastic piping is also known to become brittle and bust under pressure in below freezing conditions. Both steel and plastic piping can be time consuming and therefore costly to install because of the considerable number of bracket supports required.

Pneutech Alu-Air aluminium compressed air piping does not have a corrosion build-up like steel pipe, does not sag with heat and is light in weight. It therefore requires fewer brackets and is faster to install with consequent savings in both labour and materials. In addition Alu-Air piping comes pre- painted and does not require painting like steel or copper piping.

Alu-Air pipe comes in six sizes from 20mm OD to 63mm OD and the system includes a full range of preformed pipe bends, couplings and suspension accessories to make installation even quicker and more economical.


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Compressed Air Pipe Systems

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