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Pneutech Group Finance

Pneutech Group Finance

Interlease is one of Australia's largest
unsecured equipment financiers. The range
of finance options we offer is extensive and
also includes our core business of Leasing
and Hire Purchase.

Interlease carries accreditation with over
twenty financial institutions with direct
relations with senior credit managers that
many other financiers, business owners
and individuals cannot access and has client
support second to none in the industry. We
built our reputation on seeking out the best solutions for our clients and this continues to be our driving goal.

As a respected identity in the world of Air Compressors, Interlease draws upon its expertise in understanding your requirements, equaling exceptional levels of finance approvals.

Finance though Interlease is not secured by property allowing the clients to preserve banking lines of credit and preserve working capital, leaving you not your bank in control of your business.

Finance offerings include but are not limited to;

  • No Deposit Chattel Mortgage
  • No Deposit Hire Purchase
  • Importation Finance
  • Off Balance Sheet Finance Solutions

If you would like to discuss your present and future financing needs please don't hesitate to contact us by calling our Customer Service Hotline,
1800 PNEUTECH (763 883) or using the contact form below.

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