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Compressor Air Filter Element Sydney

Shopping for a Compressor Air Filter Element in Sydney or Penrith? Don’t Forget Inline Filtration

There are two types of air filtration for air compressor systems: input filtration and output filtration. Both are of vital importance to the air compressor. In many cases, the output filter (or inline filtration system) goes overlooked. Not incorporating reliable and well-made filters into your work can result in damage to your machinery. The Pneutech Group - Australia offers exceptional quality compressor air filters in Sydney for input filtration and output filtration.

Why Your Compressor Needs an Inline Filter

An air compressor operates by drawing in air and pressurising it for use in tools and machinery. It‘s easy to see why the filter is vital: the air is full of dust and other debris, and those elements can pose a significant risk to the health of your compressor’s components if they come in contact with its sensitive parts. An input air filter ensures the compressor receives clean air, extending the compressor’s life and making it more reliable in the long run.

Some people assume since the air coming into the compressor has already been filtered, there isn’t much need to filter the output air. The air coming out of the compressor is not clean. In fact, this air is often filled with contaminants of its own. Particles of debris are less of a problem if you are using an input filter but can still take root in your air compressor from time to time. Aerosols and vapours are a bigger problem. Air compressors are typically injected with oil to lubricate the pistons, screws, and other mechanical components. This lubricant can turn into droplets of liquid (aerosol) or gas (vapours), which contaminate the compressed air.

Injecting compressed air filled with oil vapours, aerosols, or debris particulates into your tools or machinery is beyond just inconvenient--using this kind of contaminated compressed air in CNC machines or other types of air powered tools can cause substantial damage to their interior components. Using unfiltered compressed air will cause your equipment to wear out more quickly. You need to find a reliable and high-quality inline compressor air filter in Penrith or Sydney to remove those contaminants and ensure the compressed air you are using is always clean.

Choose the Right Compressor Air Filter Element in Sydney or Penrith by Working with the Pneutech Group - Australia

Pneutech Group - Australia offers high-quality compressors and compressor air filter elements throughout Sydney and Penrith. We are fully capable of providing you with a compressor air filter that will help clean up the air going into or coming out of your compressor. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you. Whether you have questions about air compressors and air filtration or need help finding the right compressor air filter in Penrith or Sydney, we would be happy to help.