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Compressed Air Receiver Tank

Uses of a Compressed Air Receiver Tank from Pneutech Group-Australia

A receiver tank stores compressed air which you can use during demand peaks when the need for compressed air is higher than the capacity of your compressor.

The compressed air receiver tank provides benefits in addition to supplying air when you need it most. It helps keep water out of your system by allowing the compressed air to cool before it is used. A reciprocating compressor or other cyclical processes can create pulsations in the system which a receiver tank reduces.

When you are looking to integrate air storage into your system, you should look for a tank that is about 6-10 times the flow rate of your compressor. To calculate your needs, use the following equation: V = (Q x Pa)/ (P1 + Pa) where V is the volume of the tank, Q is the output of your compressor, Pa is atmospheric pressure, and P1 is the pressure of the compressed air. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will help you determine which size tank suits your needs.

Our tanks are constructed to the highest standards with quality components and materials to provide you with a safe and efficient compressed air system. If you have any questions about adding a compressed air receiver tank to your system contact Pneutech Group-Australia and a customer service representative will get back to you in less than 24 hours.