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Compressed Air Filtration Systems

Innovative Compressed Air Filtration Units

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Pneutech Australia supplies cutting-edge air compressor systems to customers in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Darwin. As industry frontrunners, we provide our clients with competitively priced, high-tech equipment. Our premium collection includes top-of-the-range filters that feature innovative qualities. These systems effectively eliminate contaminates from compressed air following pneumatic processes.

Compressed air filters

Pneutech FT Series industrial filtration units are manufactured by one of Europe’s largest air preparation equipment suppliers and embody the highest standards of quality and performance. They are made from heavy aluminum castings in order to have a working pressure of 15.9bar (230psi) and yet give extended service in all environments.

The extra-large aluminium bowl area of these filters adds to their filtration capacity by allowing the dissipation of heat build-up in the air being treated and turning water vapor into condensation for easy drainage. Each filter comes complete with an auto drain for hassle free drainage and can be retrofitted with a differential pressure gauge to monitor the saturation level of the replaceable filter element.

Pneutech compressed air filtration systems vary according to dimensional components, port sizes and flow rates. They are suitable for many different pneumatic applications and are used across a wide variety of industries. Our filters are specially designed to minimally impact the environment in terms of noise, vapor and liquid emissions.

Compressed Air Filtration Systems

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Compressed Air Filtration Systems

Compressed Air Filtration Systems Compressed Air Filtration Systems