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Compressed Air Filtration & Dryers

Refrigerated Air Dryers

With to-day’s high tech spray coatings, high precision machine tools and sophisticated manufacturing processes it is critical that industrial compressed air supplies are free of moisture. Correct filtration equipment will remove even microscopic solid contaminants but will not entirely eliminate moisture due to the fact that some of this moisture may be in the form of vapour. This can be eliminated by installing a Pneutech Refrigerated Air Dryer.

The highly efficient Pneutech ACT (Aluminium Cooling Technology) range of refrigerated dryers features reduced energy consumption, low pressure drop even with load variances, constant pressure dew point with differing load conditions, minimum environmental impact and maximum component recyclability.

Desiccant Air Dryers

Only dry compressed air is clean compressed air because any moisture in the system will contain contamination which could cause corrosion in equipment leading to loss of production, loss of product quality and costly downtime.

Pneutech ADC high efficiency heatless regenerative absorbtion dryers remove moisture from the compressed air guaranteeing an efficient and safe production process. State-of-the-art technology and careful selection of materials are the basis for the high operational safety of these dryers.

The Pneutech ADC range of dryers is equipped with the most modern control system, pre and post filters, condensate drain, and silencer. Maximum efficiency and the highest operational safety coupled with low operational costs are attributes that convey the advantages of these dryers. The areas of application of ADC dryers are dictated only by Customer requirements.

Air Filtration & Drains

Pneutech FT Series industrial filtration units are manufactured by one of Europe’s largest air preparation equipment suppliers and embody the highest standards of quality and performance.

They are made from heavy aluminium castings in order to have a working pressure of 15.9bar (230psi) and yet give extended service under all conditions.

The extra large aluminium bowl area of these filters adds to their filtration capacity by enhancing the dissipation of heat build-up in the air being treated and turning water vapour into condensate for easy drainage.

Each filter comes complete with an auto drain for hassle free drainage and can be retrofitted with a differential pressure gauge to monitor the saturation level of the replaceable filter element.