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Compact Series Rotary Screw Compressors

This is the ideal solution for all users that are looking for a small compressor with all the reliability, efficiency, quietness and total accessibility of a modern screw compressor. Energy consumption is optimised compared with a piston compressor of equivalent output. Running and maintenance costs are reduced and the required floor-space footprint is minimised. Following are the main features of Pneutech Compact Series:

  • Direct drive - no belts to replace
  • Electronic Control
  • Free standing on wheel-mounted 150 litre air receiver
  • Single phase or three phase models
  • Models with 240L/min or 350L/min outputs at 10 bar
  • Anti-condensation system
  • Bare compressor models

Additional Features of Pneutech Compact Series Screw Compressors

Large Compressor Features in a Small Compressor Package

Pneutech Contact Series stands for a ground-breaking revolution in small compressor design. It embodies all the features of a full sized industrial screw compressor in small machines previously the exclusive domain of piston compressor. Additional features of the Pneutech Compact Series Compressors are:

  • Greatest energy efficiency
  • Designed as a big compressor
  • Cooling circuit
  • Best performance on a small footprint
  • Low noise levels
  • Light weight due to aluminium case
  • Fast and economical maintenance
Large Compressor Features in a Small Compressor Package

Integrated Air-End

Pneutech Compact Series Compressors incorporate a state-of-the-art compressor pump unit. This pump unit is the most compact in its field and integrates all main components of a screw compressor (air-end, separator tank, thermostatic valve, minimum pressure valve and intake valve) into one compact assembly. In addition, the Compact Series air-end incorporates a ground-breaking choice of materials in the form of a steel core in an aluminium case. Components incorporated in the Integrated Air End are:

  • Intake filter
  • Intake valve
  • Compressor screws and housing
  • Air/oil separator
  • Minimum pressure valve
  • Thermostatic valve
  • Anti-condensation system
Electronic Control

Electronic Control

Pneutech Compact Series Compressors are equipped with a K-Tronic 5 electronic controller which optimises the reliability and efficiency of the compressor and includes the functional features of full size industrial machines. Furthermore, by the means of the K-Tronic controller, Compact Series, can operate in load/unload mode or, thanks to its exclusive Heating System, stop/start mode. Features of the K-Tronic 5 controller are:

  • Load/unload/stand-by mode control
  • System temperature control
  • System pressure control
  • Remote control
  • Automatic restart control
  • Working hours control
  • Alarms
Compact Series Rotary Screw Air Compressors
Model No. Electric Motor Tank Max Pressure F.A.D Sound Power Current Outlet L x W x H Weight
hp Kw Lt bar psi L/min cfm db(A) V/Hz/Ph A BSP mm kg
SK030 3 2.2 * 10 145 240 8.5 65 240/50/1 15 3/8" 554 x 341 x 411 39
SK030-10 3 2.2 100 10 145 240 8.5 65 240/50/1 15 1/2" 1201 x 448 x 874 68
SK030-15 3 2.2 150 10 145 240 8.5 65 240/50/1 15 1/2" 1368 x 486 x 930 80
SK040 4 3 * 10 145 360 12.7 69 415/50/3 8.5 3/8" 554 x 341 x 411 44
SK040-15 4 3 150 10 145 360 12.7 69 415/50/3 8.5 1/2" 1368 x 486 x 930 80

Compact Series Rotary Screw Compressors

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