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Why Use Compressed Air?

The most common energy systems used by our industry are Electric, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic. Of these, the Pneumatic or compressed air system has the most readily available medium – air.

Compressed Air is a clean, safe, reliable and versatile source of power which is simple and economical to use and can be harnessed in numerous ways to make light work of many industrial operations. You can overload compressed air equipment, even to stall, without damaging the motor or actuator.

There are no sparks or shocks with compressed air systems so they are more suitable for use in inflammable environments.

Compressed air is clean as there are no fluids such as hydraulic oil dropped or squirted on floors, walls or equipment should a leak develop.

Generally speaking, compressed air equipment is smaller, simpler in operation, and more robust than equivalent electrically-powered equipment. With fewer moving parts, wear and tear is less and maintenance costs are lower too.

Compressed air tools can last many years in regular service with virtually no maintenance.

For all of the above reasons, compressed air is widely used in the Manufacturing, Process and Service Industries as well as in Construction and Mining.

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