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Pneutech Compact Series Screw Compressors

Pneutech Compact Series screw compressors are the latest development from the international PNEUTECH GROUP of screw compressor companies.

Available as 3hp single phase and 4hp three phase models, both with wheel mounted 150 litre air receivers and capable of pumping to 145psi, Pneutech Compact Series screw compressors feature the reliability, efficiency, quietness and component accessibility of modern full sized screw compressors.

Energy consumption is optimised compared with piston compressors of equivalent output. This is due to the use of a state-of-the art electronic controller. Running and maintenance costs are also reduced.

These compressors are ideal for small business applications where the compressed air supply is critical and users are looking for large compressor features in a small compressor package.

In conjunction with their Compact Series Screw Compressors, Pneutech offers a complete range of additional services to ensure that compressed air users obtain the best possible pipework and air preparation systems to suit their requirements.

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