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Pneutech Compact Series Screw Compressors

January 2018

Available as 3hp single phase and 4hp three phase models, both with wheel mounted 150 litre air receivers and capable of pumping to 145psi, Pneutech Compact Series screw compressors feature the reliability, efficiency, quietness and component accessibility of modern full sized screw compressors.


Ten Tips for an Efficient Compressed Air Distribution System

December 2017

The performance of compressed air powered tools and equipment is often restricted by inadequate air pressure and flow due to a poorly designed compressed air distribution system.


Removing Water from Compressed Air Systems

November 2017

Atmospheric air contains water vapour which is generally known as humidity. Water is therefore always present in factory compressed air systems due to the fact that the air compressor draws air from the surrounding atmosphere. The amount of water in a compressed air system varies with the humidity and temperature of the outside air.


Why Use Compressed Air?

October 2017

The most common energy systems used by Industry are Electric, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic. Of these, the Pneumatic or compressed air system has the most readily available medium – air.