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Heavy Duty Electric Piston Compressors

Heavy duty air compressor units

Pneutech systems are specifically engineered for heavy duty operation. They run on high proficiency, one-phase and three-phase electric motors. These systems have an inbuilt intercooler and aftercooler, allowing for more efficient compression. With large flow areas and factory-filled synthetic lubricants, Pneutech piston air compressors produce less heat and carbon build-up. Boasting high performance rates and low maintenance service lives, they streamline industrial processes. Simple and reliable, these systems are equipped with splash lubrication, constant speed control and precision balanced, overhung crankshafts.

Designed and built to the highest standards.

The Pneutech PN series reciprocating piston compressors satisfy the needs of small to medium automotive and industrial customers with intermittent compressed air requirements. These systems are at the forefront of the industry for superior quality control and operational longevity.

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If you would like to purchase a heavy duty, air compressor from Pneutech Australia, please don’t hesitate to give our customer service hotline a call on 1800 763 883. We are more than happy to connect with your closest supplier and provide you with operational advice. You can also contact us by filling out our online enquiry forms.

Download Heavy Duty Electric Reciprocating Piston Compressors Product Features


The following features are included in some, but not necessarily all, engine driven models:

  • Slow running compressor pumps with cast iron cylinders for long, low maintenance service life.
  • In-built intercooler and aftercooler for more efficient compression and reduced air-line condensation.
  • Fully removable and replaceable cylinders for ease of maintenance/repair.
  • Heavy Duty, high efficiency 3 phase electric motors conforming to Minimum Energy Performance Standards and with IP54 protection and Class F insulation.
  • Centrifugal unloaders for reliable no-load starting of three phase motors.
  • Two stage V-Twin design for higher operating pressure.
  • Castor wheel undercarriage for maximum mobility.

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