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15HP Screw Compressor in Sydney & Melbourne

Get a Reliable 15HP Screw Compressor in Sydney or Melbourne

A quality compressed air system complements the work you do and greatly assists you in producing higher quality products. At Pneutech Australia, we don't just sell air compressors: we supply machines that are going to bring out the very best in our customers’ work. You will be purchasing the Air Compressor you need to do your job and do it well. When we designed our 15HP screw compressor, the SB-150, we took care to ensure quality construction, performance and longevity, because we know just how much a compressor can affect the business of the companies that use it.

Our 15HP Screw Compressor

The SB-150, our go-to 15HP screw compressor, is part of the Pneutech SB Series Rotary Screw Compressors series. This product line is our single most popular range of compressors, screw or diesel/petrol. It is known as a compressor that boast high efficiency and ability to work in both hot and cold climates.

SB series compressors are used in a variety of different industries and businesses. You might see them in auto body or auto repair shops. You might also see them on industrial worksites, or in huge manufacturing factories. The sizes of the SB Rotary Screw Range start at 5.5HP up to 20HP, providing a workable solution for most applications. Larger electric rotary screw machines are in our PR range, going from 25HP up to 120HP. Many larger sizes are available upon request.

The other reason many customers choose the SB series is its ease of maintenance. With compressors from Pneutech’s SB series, you have units that come with large removable doors. Removing the doors provides easy access to the inner belt systems, as well as the filters and oil. Whether Pneutech Group - Australia technicians are replacing a filter or changing the oil on your compressor, the process is easier and more efficient than ever before with SB series compressors.

Just because we have designed the machine to make repairs easy and efficient doesn't mean you should be expecting to do a whole lot of it. On the contrary, when you buy an SB series 15HP screw compressor in Sydney, you can expect long-term reliability and performance. Every compressor we sell at Pneutech comes with a five-year, 10,000-hour warranty. This warranty coverage extends to the entire unit and all its components. Suffice to say that we stand completely behind every compressor we build.

Guarantee the Quality of Your Work: Buy a Pneutech 15HP Screw Compressor in Melbourne Today

Settling for a cheap, substandard air compressor may evntually lead to average quality work. Invest in the quality of your workmanship and the satisfaction of your customers with a better compressor from Pneutech Australia. With two locations, we can sell you a 15HP screw compressor in Melbourne or Sydney. We are also able and willing to quote and supply a unit with larger capacity, or assist you in finding the perfect electric rotary screw air compressor to suit your needs. Whatever you may require regarding air compressors, we are willing and would love to help you. Give us a call today to get started.