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10hp Screw Compressor in Sydney & Melbourne

Find an Efficient 10hp Screw Compressor in Sydney or Melbourne for Your Company

If you use compressed air in your workshop, factory or workplace, ensure that your current system or the quipment you are in the market for suitably and efficiently provides adeqaute air quality and volume. Pneutech Group - Australia would love the opportunity to provide you with a quality setup and efficient system. Electric rotary screw air compressors are widely preferred and utilised in many industries including but not limited to: manufacturing, woodworking and joinery, tyre fitting and repair outlets and sand blasting setups to name a few.

When and Where a 10hp Screw Compressor Can Work for You

Your factory or workplace may require high quality air with minimal pollutants such as moisture, oil and odours. Pneutech Group - Australia will ensure to provide a machine capable of meeting your requirements. Pneutech Group – Australia has access to a large range of Electric Rotary Screw Air Compressors and Equipment to ensure your products, tools and setup is being supplied with quality Compressed Air.

Factors to Weigh when Purchasing a Screw Compressor

You can ensure that any 10hp screw compressor you purchase from our branches in Melbourne or Sydney will be a great choice and a quality product due to the following:

  • It has been sourced and imported from an experienced and certified manufacturing supplied. Purchasing your compressor from Pneutech Group - Australia will provide peace of mind to customers as they are aware that each component of the electric rotary screw compressor has been tested stringently and passed quality control tests. These tests ensure that all the parts used to manufacture the electric roraty screw air compressor can be expected to serve you well over the course of your compressor's lifetime.
  • It has been priced reasonably so that you will be able to budget for the rest of your work. Compressors are essential to a compressed air system yet should still be reasonably price to ensure to meet reasonable budgets.
  • It has been designed and manufactured to produce the smallest possible environmental impact. Pneutech Group - Australia's products are designed to make minimal noise and have quality designed and easily accessible service points to ensure efficient servicing by Pneutech Group - Australia technician.

Pneutech Group - Australia’s 10hp screw compressors are ideal for factories and workshops that require clean and efficient compressed air delivery in numerous applications. Pneutech Group - Australia also provide exceptional customer support after the sale has been made to ensure that you have the best experience and to ensure your compressor is cared for during its lifetime. Contact us now to learn more about our products and give our sales team the opportunity to introduce you to our range. We would love the opportunity to show you how our Electric Rotary Screw compressors can make a difference to your business.